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How to refill Samsung ML-2165, ML-2165W,SCX-3405, SCX-3405FW,SF-760, SF-760P cartridges, Dell B1160, B1160W toner cartridges

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How to refill Samsung ML-2165, ML-2165W,SCX-3405, SCX-3405FW,SF-760, SF-760P cartridges,Dell B1160, B1160W

1. Take the cartridges out of printer, using the paper town to cover the drum ( green parts) of the cartridges.

2. Place the cartridge in horizontal position with the side cover holding the chips facing you. Take the blade and cut the head of the plastic rivet. Be careful with the movement, keeping the blade from slipping and cutting yourself

3. After cut all 3 plastic rivel, Using the knife blade, slightly separate the cover just enough for the small edge of the screwdriver to enter and pry it open .


5.Using a small flat head screwdriver, carefully remove the fill plug by prying it off.Empty the hopper/cartridge and clean thoroughly by using a vacuum.. This step is very important; better cleaning of the cartridge and not mixing previous toner with new toner, the better quality printing result.Shake the toner powder well until it appears liquid like. Open cap carefully and screw on the funnel. Refill the the toner.....apply plug, then clean any spilled toner thoroughly by using a vacuum.

6. Replace the chip with a new one and sliding it in place.

Install the end cap and use any tape to secure it together. Make sure that the tapes are not covering the chip or any metal contact

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